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Discover a diverse range of magnifiers designed to meet various needs, from reading and hobbies to professional applications. Our selection includes advanced features like LED lighting, digital displays, and ergonomic designs, ensuring you get the best visual clarity and comfort. Explore our top models to find the perfect magnifier for your specific requirements.


    The Mobilux LED magnifier range offers several magnification options to suit your specific needs. These handheld magnifiers feature bright LED illumination, providing clear and even lighting for reading and detailed tasks.

    The ergonomic design ensures comfortable use, making them ideal for extended periods. Perfect for individuals with low vision or those needing enhanced magnification for precision work.

     VISOLUX +

    The Visolux + is a premium handheld magnifier that combines superior optics with user-friendly features. It offers a wide viewing area with high magnification, ensuring sharp and detailed images.

    The built-in LED lighting provides bright and consistent illumination, making it ideal for reading, hobbies, and other activities requiring enhanced visual clarity.


    The Visolux Digital XL FHD is a cutting-edge digital magnifier designed for those who need high-definition magnification. Featuring a large, full HD display, this device offers crystal-clear images and multiple magnification levels.

    It includes adjustable LED lighting and a variety of viewing modes to enhance contrast and readability, making it perfect for reading, writing, and detailed inspection tasks


    The Daylight Magnificent Pro is designed for hobbyists and professionals who require precise magnification and excellent lighting. This magnifier features a high-quality lens with adjustable magnification, and its powerful daylight LED illumination ensures true color representation and reduces eye strain. The flexible arm and sturdy base provide stability and ease of use, making it ideal for crafting, model building, and other detailed work.