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Behavioural Optometry

Behavioural Optometry is an expanded area of Optometry adopting a holistic approach to the development and function of visual information processing.

A Behavioural Optometrist believes that the way a patient interprets what they see does not depend solely upon clear vision. Consideration must be given to visual motor and visual perception skills, which can be assessed during a series of visual tests including reading, writing, drawing and colour perception.

Signs of visual difficulty may include poor posture (leaning in too close to reading material), difficulty in recalling visual information, difficulty in copying/drawing or completing jigsaws and short attention span. Treatments are not only aimed at the visual function of the eyes, but also at improving hand-eye co-ordination and the ability to concentrate.

Treatments recommended may include the following:

  • Step by step vision exercises such as drawing or games to help the eye muscles either relax or strengthen
  • Prescribed lenses (sometimes with prism) to help the eyes develop better vision patterns thus improving hand-eye co-ordination

Children are usually seen over two 45 minute sessions and a final report of all findings and recommendations is presented to the parent/parents to conclude. Copies of reports may be provided for doctors, health nurses or teachers upon request.

Most of the consultations undertaken for behavioural testing can be bulk billed to Medicare, however there is a final report fee which is not eligible for rebate either through Medicare or private health insurance.

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