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Optical Lenses - finding what's right for you

Like anything, there are varying degrees of quality and the resultant performance. Cheap lens materials don’t allow light to pass cleanly through to the wearers eyes and may cause visual strain after prolonged use. Poor lens designs (particularly in multifocals) have greater levels of peripheral distortion and therefore, smaller effective viewing areas.

Our combined years of experience and training have enabled us to source the most reliable brands and suppliers in order to deliver our best in range and value.

Some of the factors that influence our decisions with your given lens choices are the following:

  • Prescription requirements
  • Frame/lens mount design
  • Frame curve
  • Thinner lens options (weight)
  • Environmental factors (especially for industry)
  • Photochromatic options
  • Coating preferences
  • Material strength
  • Price/budget
  • Product/service availability